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XML Requirements for
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The most common way to add a new property to Estate Spain is to create it in the InmoVirto form and send to publication. But when you need to add a large amount of properties, import is easier way. You just need to prepare and send us XML file with information about your properties.

There are several required items which have to be included into the file. This will guarantee the correct view of your properties on our website. Below is the list of required parameters. Please include all of them to your XML file before you send it to us.

1 — Reference and ID

ID is a basic parameter used for property update. ID is a unique value, and in the XML file it looks like as follows <Id>12363</id>.

Reference is an internal code of your property (used in your company), for example, <ref> INM-00001</ref>. Using reference you can search for properties on your website. In case of successful import, you will be able to search for this property by reference on estate-spain.com as well. The reference code may not be supposed in your company and you don't have to add it to XML file (not required).
1.1 Object ID — required

How it looks in XML file:

1.2 Reference — not required

In your XML:

  • Object ID must me unique;
  • Please don't change change the numbering of references and ID which are already included in to the XML.
Note: if you change ID or reference of a property in the XML file after it was imported, we will not be able to update this property (the system will skip it).

2 — Property type

<type> </type>

All properties are divided into categories. There are following types of property on Estate Spain:

  • Apartment
  • Building plot
  • Business plot
  • Commercial
  • Duplex
  • Garage
  • Hotel
  • Manor
  • Office
  • Plot
  • Space
  • Villa
  • Apartment building
  • Bungalow
  • Cafe
  • Cottage
  • Farm house
  • Gas station
  • Mansion
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Studio
  • Warehouse
  • Building
  • Business
  • Chalet
  • Detached house
  • Flat
  • Hostel
  • House
  • Masia
  • Penthouse
  • Shop
  • Townhouse
  • Castle
It is better when types of properties in your XML match the types from our list. In case you have a type which is not in the list, please contact us via support@estate-spain.com. We will add this type to the base of our website.

3 — Coordinates (latitude and longitude) or property address (full address: zip code, region, city, street, house)

It is necessary to add property coordinates, otherwise we can't show its location on the map to our customers.


This is the example of correct note in XML file. Please check, if this data is included into your file. If it's not — the system will skip this property and will not import it to our website.

4 — Surface area (meters)


Note: if there is a plot nearby your property, add its surface area. If there is a terrace, add it as well. This is not required, but it is very useful information for customers.

If the type of a property is a plot, surface area becomes a required value.

5 — Property price (EUR)


6 — Amount of beds, baths and rooms

<beds>1</beds> — not required
<baths>1</baths> — not required
<rooms>2</rooms> — required

7 — Property photos

At least 3 photos without watermarks must be uploaded. If you upload less than three, the system will skip this property and will not import it.

Other parameters can be added according to your needs, they are not required. Please see the full list in the sheet.

8 — Recommended data

Condition of a property: new build/secondary


Secondary is given to all properties by default. In case you need to change this value, add this data to XML.

Availability of property: available/sold


All properties are available by default. The status Sold is given on Estate Spain when you delete a property from XML. In case a property has a status of availability, you should add it as well.

The example of correct XML:

<date>2018-01-13 16:07:17</date>
<available>for sale</available>
<province>Alicante / Costa Blanca South</province>
Detached House in perfect condition like new 5 minute drive from the sandy beaches of Orihuela Costa.<br>The property benefits from overlooking the luxury community pool with SPA and large solarium. <br>The Property is very bright and sunny. The House is, equipped with air-conditioning, and electrical appliances. And consist of 4 bedrooms (master bedroom with dressing room), 2 bathrooms, open style kitchen, living room, terrace and off road parking. <br>Villamartin is a fast-growing tourist destination, located on the southern Costa Blanca just west of Torrevieja, which many tourists choose for its proximity to three championship golf courses, Campoamor, Las Ramblas and Villamartin. <br>It also has many sandy Blue Flag beaches just a few minutes' drive away at La Zenia, Cobo Rojg and Playa Flamenca. <br>The Villamartin Plaza is surrounded by shops, cafés, bars, banks and restaurants, where the summer nightlife atmosphere buzzes with life.</p>
Villamartín es una zona de Orihuela Costa, situada en el sur de la Costa Blanca conocida por sus campos de golf. La población aquí son en su mayoría residentes europeos. Esta zona de élite cuenta con villas privadas, adosados y bungalows. En poca distancia hay todo lo necesario para la vida y la recreación - supermercados, bares, restaurantes, un colegio Inglés de élite.<br><br>Vivienda unifamiliar en perfecto estado, a 5 minutos en coche de las playas de arena.<br>Vista de la piscina de la urbanización, un spa de lujo y un gran solarium.<br>La casa es muy luminosa y soleada. La casa está equipada con aire acondicionado y electrodomésticos. La casa tiene 4 dormitorios (el principal con vestidor), 2 baños, cocina abierta, sala de estar, terraza y aparcamiento.</p>
Вилламартин — район в Ориуэла Коста, расположен на южном побережье Коста Бланка, знаменитый своими полями для игры в гольф. Население здесь — преимущественно жители из Европы. Это элитный район, застроенный частными виллами, таунхаусами и бунгало. В шаговой доступности есть все необходимое для жизни и отдыха – супермаркеты, бары, рестораны, элитный английский колледж.<br>Частный дом в отличном состоянии, в 5 минутах езды от песчаных пляжей.<br>Вид на бассейн урбанизации, роскошный спа-центр и большой солярий.<br>Дом очень яркий и солнечный. Дом оснащен кондиционером и электрическими приборами. В доме 4 спальни (спальня с гардеробной), 2 ванные комнаты, Открытая кухня, гостиная, терраса и парковка.</p>
<feature>Floor heating</feature>
<feature>Storage room</feature>
<feature>Air Conditioning</feature>
<feature>Communal Swimming Pool</feature>
<feature>Fully furnished</feature>
<feature>Close To Amenities</feature>
<feature>Terrace Balcony</feature>
<feature>Off road parking</feature>
<feature>Overlooking the park</feature>
<feature>Overlooking the pool</feature>
<image id="1">
<image id="2">
<image id="3">
<image id="4">
<image id="5">
<image id="6">

9 — Update of imported file

XML file is updated according to the schedule (every Monday for the current moment) via the URL we provide for you, or you can send us the updated file via publish@estate-spain.com.

The system checks which properties have been added, edited (for example, price has changed) or sold and successfully updates them on estate-spain.com

What you should do:

  • update your base regularly and remove sold or irrelevant properties;
  • update your base regularly and add new properties;
  • monitor uploaded photos (upload more photos of better quality and to increase interest of customers;
  • pay attention to description and additional information concerning the property – this will help customers to find it on our website. You can use the following search parameters on estate-spain.com: city/region, type of property, condition, price, line of the sea, number of beds/baths, surface area, built area. Additionally: terraces, parking, security, sea view, solarium, pool, elevator, garden, furnishing.
If you still have any questions regarding working with XML file, please contact our manager Tatyana Trifonova via xml@estate-spain.com.

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